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The Tulnar are not direct descendants of any of the Four Parent Races. Instead, they are the great-great (x thousands) grandchildren of those who were trapped on Verra at the time of the Exodus. The members of the four parent races and several minor races (all except the Avians who took to the skies to avoid Calamity) found themselves in a protected pocket on Verra (Underrealm).

Over the generations of mixed relations, a new race emerged, one that was not created in the image of the Gods.


During the July 2022 livestream we got the first look at the updated Tulnar concept art. This is just the first step concept art and this will eventually evolve into the full character models.

We do know that Tulnar will be created differently from the other races, as the player will have the choice of sliders/dials to determine how much humanoid, reptilian, and mammalian features their character has.

Much to the disappointment for all the future Frognar out there, we do know that Insect and Amphbian Tulnar will not be a possibility. This is from a 15 April 2019 Interview between Steven and Jahlon.

Intrepid Studios has not revealed if the Tulnar cultural influence is one of the real world, or one that is entirely created from scratch.

Ashes of Tulnar Concept Art

Racial Bonuses

Unknown at present time.