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Ashes 101 - Ashes of Creation Guilds

Like all MMORPGs out there, Ashes of Creation will be using a Guild System. What we know about guilds is limited, so this page will not be as satisfying as the others; however, what is lacking in overall content is made up with some key design philosophies that players should start to consider long before the game launches.



In most MMORPGs loyalty to your guild is supposed to be absolute. Your guild is your highest allegiance. In a faction vs faction game, you still choose to side with your guild’s interests before your factions interest. Of course you may have loyalty to a small circle of friends in that guild (usually your static raiding group) but overall you maintain an allegiance to the guild.

This will not be the case in Ashes of Creation. While you of course will have guilds, by mechanics and design, your highest relationship is your Node Citizenship. The status of your Node will trump the status with your guildmates, to a point where it is possible to be flagged as a legal combatant to the members of your guild if your Node and their Node are at war.

Guild Size

As of right now the maximum size of a guild is set to be 300, however, this is tentative and not only subject to change but probably will change as the other mechanics in the game shake out. However, guild size will come at a price. In order for a guild leader to increase their guild size to maximum, they will have to sacrifice all the other guild bonuses that can be selected instead of size.

Guild Bonuses

So, we know that these will exist, we just don’t know what they are. We do know that guilds will be able to offer passive abilities and guild specific augments are a few of the things that are possible. Stay tuned for more on this.

Benefits of Guild Membership

There are going to be benefits to being in a guild. Obviously the guild bonuses from not being a maximum size guild are one of the bonuses. Another bonus is that the Guild Leader can do payouts to Guild Members if the guild is especially financially successful. Again, we know this is a mechanic, we just do not know how it applies or functions.

Guild Castles

Since the Castle System is rather complicated and impacts the world as a whole, the Castle System has its own detailed breakout. Right now it can be found on the World of Verra page, but in time, as we learn more it will be detailed out in its own breakout section.

Guild Castles Sieges

As Guild Castle Sieges are primarily a PvP Event, I have detailed them out in the PvP Section here.

Guild Halls and Guild Fortresses

I want to mention these as we know these are going to be a thing, however, again as the game is in early development we have very little information on these. Stay tuned for more.

Guild Wars

Guild wars were covered in-depth in the PvP section here. When we get more information on Guild Wars I will cover the details in this section as well.