Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Mounts


While we do not have all the information regarding the mount system, we do know Intrepid Studios plans to have a very robust mount system. Most games focus on only the acquisition of mounts, usually through purchase for in game (or out of game) currency, obtainment with achievement, or in some rare occurrences there is taming or breeding in the game.

Given the size of the world of Verra, traveling is going to be a time investment. To save time, you are going to want the fastest travel methods available and part of that will be based around having a fastest mount you can obtain.

While our information is incomplete, this is the baseline information we have regarding the mount system.

Mount Tiers

There are going to be three tiers of mounts in Ashes of Creation.

Tier 1 - Ground Mounts: This will be standard mounts like horses. - our first initial mount will be acquired early in the game, before you leave the starter camps, and will be a Tier 1 mount.

Tier 2 – Floating, Jumping, and Gliding Mounts: This will be the slightly more advanced mounts such as the Hippogryphs and Gryphons for the Gliding Mounts, the Thundering Bolt Beast for Jumping Mounts, and the Glimmering Geode for the Floating Mounts.

Tier 3 – Royal Mounts: Also known as Legendary Mounts, these mounts are the only mounts capable of True Flight. These will primarily be Dragons, as well as the upgraded version of the Gryphons and Emberstorm Dragon which were earned in Apocalypse.

There are also Tier A Mounts which are the Aquatic Mounts. Aquatic Mounts will have the absolute best speed in the water, but will be slow on land.

Finally, there will be mules. I am not 100% sure if Mules fall into Tier 1 Ground Mounts or if they are a separate thing given their storage capacity, role, and function. We are waiting for an update on mules.

Ramstrider Art Sample

Royal Mounts

Royal mounts are going to be rare on every server. There will only ever be a total of 10 guaranteed Royal Mounts.

  • 5 will belong to the 5 Regional Monarchs
  • 5 will belong to the 5 Metropolis Mayors

Additionally, certain Legendary Raid bosses will drop legendary eggs which can be grown into a Legendary Mount.

Ochre Legion Dragon


Undermounts are a flying mount that are part of the Castle Siege system. The owner of a castle will be able to grant up to 5 undermounts to guild officers during a castle siege. These mounts are flying mounts and they only function during the castle siege day. More information on these will become available as we learn more about the Castle Siege system.

Multiple Person Mounts

The Multiple person mounts were a Kickstarter Stretch Goal that was successful achieved. There will be multi-person mounts and we know that passengers will have access to skills that can only be activated by the passengers. This is an interesting idea that we have no other information about and are waiting for more information on.

Mount Stats

The difference between mounts will not be a simple visual difference. Mounts will actually have differences in their health, skills, speed, damage mitigation, combat effectiveness, accuracy, level of damage, etc. Some of these differences will be based on the raw stats of the animals that are tamed; however, if an enterprising Artisan specializing in Animal Husbandry wants to enhance or bring out a certain trait line from a particular mount they can attempt to do so through breeding.

Mounts and Crowd Control

When it comes to Crowd Control (CC) and mounts, there are different effects that can happen. Some CC abilities will dismount the rider from the mount, others will affect only the mount. This is going to be a deciding factor when you are trying to catch someone who is escaping.

Acquiring Mounts

Mounts in Game will be acquired through the Gathering skill of Taming, through the Processing skill of Animal Husbandry, or by purchasing them from other players. More information will be presented in the specific sections for these professions when we have that information available.

Mount Lifespawns

Most Mounts are ageless. While they can be killed, they do not have a fixed lifespan and they can resurrected and will live forever.

Legendary Mounts have a fixed lifespan. For the Metro Mayors and the Monarchs their mounts only survive during the leader’s term of office.

For the dropped eggs, there will be two timers associated with them. The first is the lifespan of the egg. The egg must be cared for and grown during this time or the egg will be unable to hatch into a mount. Once hatched, the mount itself has a fixed lifespan, between 14 and 30 days.

Mount Gear

There will be gear for mounts that will increase the mounts performance. Things like saddles will be available which will increase the stats or speed of the mount.

Saddle Sample

Cash Shop Skins Discussion

The first and most important thing I can say about the Cash Shop and mounts is that the Cash Shop is not selling Mounts, they are selling Mount Skins.

You will not get access to a mount because you purchase it in the cash shop, instead you will still have to acquire a mount in game either through Taming, Animal Husbandry, or by purchasing the mount you want from another player.

After you have acquired the mount you want through in game means, then you can put a cash shop skin on it. Also, while you may put any Tier 1 mount skin on any Tier 1 mount, you only have the abilities, stats, speed, of the mount you put the skin on. The skin provides absolutely no advantage.