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Stoic. Tradition. Forge.

Most of the peoples from the old world would see a mountain and think nothing of it. The Dünir saw a defensible home where riches abound. The Dünir take immense pride in what they craft and what they build: fortifications that seem impregnable, warhammers that never break, or beautiful gems for their royalty are all in their repertoire. Don't be deceived by their stout stature. They're pound for pound the strongest warriors the world has ever known.

Ashes of Creation Dunir Sigil


The real-world cultural influence for the Dünir is that of a Nordic background.

After feedback from Alpha 1, the Developers at Intrepid Studios have pivoted the Dünir character development and brought them back in line with a more traditional stereotypical fantasy appearance. In additional Female Dünir are allowed to have beards, but they will not be identical to the males. Their beards will be more braided.

Ashes of Creation Dünir Dwarf Art
Ashes of Creation Dünir Dwarf Art

Racial Bonuses

Unknown at present time.

Ashes of Creation Dünir City Concept Art
Ashes of Creation Dünir City Concept Art