Ashes 101 Ashes of Creation Bard


We have almost no information about the Bards, however, as the other 7 Archetype pages were built, I wanted to ensure we built the last page as well.

Bard Icon Symbol

Ranger Class Combinations

The 8 Ranger Class combinations are:

Primary Secondary Class
Bard Bard Minstrel
Bard Cleric Soul Weaver
Bard Fighter Tellsword
Bard Mage Magician
Bard Ranger Song Warden
Bard Rogue Trickster
Bard Summoner Songcaller
Bard Tank Siren

Role of a Bard

The Bard is not constricted to a single play style. We know that Bards will be able to buff allies, debuff enemies, and provide light off-healing capability as well as healing enhancement. Beyond that, we are waiting for any sort of key information on Bards.


At the present time we have no information on Bard Abilities.